Mike Dumovich video

Mike Dumovich‘s song “Which Shirt” from his album The Shiv.

Additional camera and edited footage by Malaki Stahl.


Another Curious Mystery…

The Curious Mystery


“Night Ride Reeling”

K Records

Curious K Records band

I am in the process of making a new video for the K Records band, The Curious Mystery.  The SoSpunWeSpunWest team has most of the principle filming finished, and I have already started on some of Nick’s space voyage that will occur during his guitar solo.  Outside of the space voyage, the rest of the video borrows heavily from New Edition’s video for “Cool It Now”.  It is super fun working with this band!  I love them!

Nick of the Curious Mystery


Short documentary made for Seattle’s Thee Emergency.  Shot by John Jeffcoat.  This is one of the “Amplified” companion pieces to Lynn Shelton’s $5 Cover: Seattle made for MTV.com.

Oars music video

Music video made for the NYC band, Oars.

Hollow Earth Radio

I created a video for Hollow Earth Radio to promote their Kickstarter project.  They raised money to move the radio into a new public space.

The video for the song “Black Sand” by The Curious Mystery.